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XCAMPAIGN light Email Marketing
20 years anniversary

The name XCAMPAIGN has been shining in the world of emailing for over 20 years, and that's a real reason to celebrate. In 2002, we plunged into the world of email communication and welcomed our first customer. Over the next two decades, XCAMPAIGN became an integral part of email correspondence and a leader in data security.

So come celebrate our round anniversary with us!

Timeline of our milestones

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Look How Our Bee Is Helping the Business

Look How Our Bee Is Helping the Business

How to raise your business when things are not going well and people don't know about you? Our BeeX always helps. And then maybe very interesting things will happen with your hotel... Let's bee happy and creative!

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What is XCAMPAIGNlight?

Part of the XCAMPAIGN solution.
Two main products are XCAMPAIGNlight and XCAMPAIGNPRO.

XCAMPAIGNPRO is an absolutely comprehensive tool, with personal support and advanced features such as SMS sending, automated mailings, detailed targeting and segmentation among others. Absolute focus is on data security, we even provide a possibility to encrypt your data within our system using the optional XCRYPTO service.



Newsletter Mailing Tool

Do you plan to send mass mailings to thousands of email addresses? With our tool, it will be a breeze.

5 Steps to Glory

We have devised the simplest possible system that allows you to send a bulk email in 5 steps and within minutes.

Professional, Secure, Quality

20 years of experience with XCAMPAIGN Pro. Top deliverability. Fancy templates and continuous improvement.

Do you need more addresses?
Rent them!

A unique system developed according to the most stringent legislative requirements. You can expand your clientele incredibly quickly and easily. You specify your recipient requirements, target, and send out the mailshot. And all this for a reasonable price. The business world is in virtual marketing. Now and here.

Precise Targeting Precise Targeting
Address Quality Address Quality
Favorable Price Favorable Price
Simplicity Simplicity
Find out more about rental

Check Out Our Templates

Work Easily – Be a Star

Absolutely simple intuitive operation, a modern look and feel, dozens of ready-made templates and the ability to send thousands of newsletters to the world.

We have prepared templates for eshops, individuals, sports clubs and also for special occasions such as New Year, weddings...

In the editor you can also create your own template for direct mailing. All of them are optimized for various types of devices.

Work Easily – Be a Star

Use Recipients List from Your CRM

Import your entire mailing list into XCAMPAIGNlight and you can send as many emails as you want. Upload your mailing lists with ready-made templates in a few clicks. This is simply Smart mailing! Unsubscribes are processed automatically. No more manual rewriting. Of course, you can export the data back to your CRM.

Use Recipients List from Your CRM

GDPR Compliant Recipients

Don't be surprised by the complexity of GDPR and give your website visitors the option to sign up for your newsletter. You can also acquire new subscribers in full compliance with the legislation. You have secure forms available in XCAMPAIGNlight, so you will not make a mistake in your email marketing.

GDPR Compliant Recipients

Learn from Your Previous Newsletters

Investment in email marketing pays off. But you need to keep track of the numbers, charts and everything XCAMPAIGNlight offers so that you can optimize your campaigns and use that knowledge in other projects. What are your customers clicking on? What subject matter is working? What is the delivery success rate? What is the best time to send emails? Are you doing better with customers with a tablet, computer, or phone? Find out and learn from it.

Learn from Your Previous Newsletters

Your Newsletters Will not End up in Spam

A key aspect of email marketing is the deliverability of all newsletters. You can send them from different applications. However, these differ significantly in relation to whether the emails sent out end up in SPAM. Emails from XCAMPAIGNlight are characterized by a high deliverability rate. Our senders meet all recommended CSA standards.

Your Newsletters Will not End up in Spam

Your Data is Safe with Us

The applicaction is regularly subjected to security audits. We leave nothing to chance. Data security is our highest priority that can be enhanced to the maximum level. So you can imagine all your data is locked inside an impenetrable Swiss safe.

Your Data is Safe with Us



CHF 0 / month


CHF 29 / month

Year Special

CHF 290 / year
Number of emails included
3 000
10 000
150 000
Limit emails per day
Extended Email Volume

Additional packages (10 000 emails)

not available

Translated into 6 languages

The application XCAMPAIGNlight has a big international overlap with multilanguage support in six world languages.

German German
English English
Spanish Spanish
Italian Italian
French French
Czech Czech

Video Tutorials

Become a XCAMPAIGN Star with our awesome video tutorials. You can start with the basics or immerse in more advanced techniques. And make sure you subscribe to our video channel for new videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch to the application XCAMPAIGNlight from another tool - e.g. Mailchimp?

No problem. Just upload your contacts and you're ready to go.

How long can I use the free version?

The free version is not time-limited. However, you can send a maximum of 300 emails per day and a total of 3000 emails per month for free.

Do you pay for the number of recipients or for the emails sent?

In XCAMPAIGNlight you can have an infinitely long mailing list and it won't cost you anything. You always pay only for the emails sent.

Start to boost your digital marketing right now!

Preparing and sending mailshot campaigns from XCAMPAIGNlight will be fun for you. A few simple steps that you can do from the comfort of your home. Sit back and enjoy your time with our application.

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